Unknown Hero without Blood or Tear
The story is in-game adventure (not reincarnated) with settings of Holy Roman Empire and defending humanity against demon lords.
Deni_Chance Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha
Eighteen-year-old Trinity is unlike any other werewolf in her pack. For one, there were unusual circumstances surrounding her birth, for another, she is the only pack member to never shift into a wolf form. So now she doesn't quite belong anywhere. Not quite human and not quite wolf. She thought she would be able to live her life how she wanted when she had turned eighteen. Go to college, make some friends, have some fun. But what is she to do when the dangerously sexy Alpha literally falls right into her lap? "I am not human, and I am not a wolf. I don't belong anywhere..." "...we both know that no one is going to mate with me, and even if they did, they would just reject me anyway." What is the sexy, brooding Alpha going to do? The elders are making him hold these ridiculous parties to search for a mate. He doesn't want a mate, but he knows he needs a mate to finish the Alpha Circle. Without a mate, a Luna for the pack, his people would suffer. And what is he going to do when he stumbl
LadyRivers A Bed of Lies
Lies, Betrayals, Wishes, Deceits, Murders, Wealth . . . such many things for an elite to have. Rosanna Aguinaldo, a self-made journalist, Rose into the world through hard work. For much of her life, she involved herself in the lives of the elite, thereby creating many questions in her mind. What mysteries do these people have? How can people mysteriously die, lose their inheritance, or conspire...
Zhanye Aatrox, A God King in a Modern World
Discord: https://discord.gg/aSpmGRe This novel has a shared universe with "Sona, A Goddess Queen in a Modern World". In an infinite universe, millions of beings cultivated to attain supremacy. Some with good fortune reached the rank of God Earl after a few millennia, some didn't even reach the rank of God. This story is about Aatrox, the God-King who managed to kill a God-Emperor. But after...
The_Great_Cookies The Impotent Jerk
Joshua Jacobs was known for being the ultimate player. He held the ‘Casanova of the Year Award’ title for five years straight. He had di-virginized an incredible amount of women in the women population but an unexpected turn of event happened. What happened? you asked? Well....... just the problem that all the Male Casanova people feared. HIS JUNIOR SOLDIER WON...